Hotline Metal processing: +49 (0)2269 360
Hotline Cooling systems: +49 (0)241 94629-72
Hotline Metal processing: +49 (0)2269 360
Hotline Cooling systems: +49 (0)241 94629-72

The HAUGG Group– Your strong partner for cooling systems and metal processing

Company profile

The Haugg Group of Companies

With four production sites in Germany and a site in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Haugg Group offers a wide spectrum of services in the areas of thin sheet metal processing and cooling system for all areas of application. The following metal processing companies form the core of the Group:

  • Haugg Kühlerfabrik GmbH / Aachen
  • Metallwarenfabrik Haugg GmbH / Marienheide
  • Haugg Industriekühler GmbH / Sulz am Neckar
  • Schwarzwälder Metallwarenfabrik Haugg GmbH / Triberg
  • Haugg Cooling SRO / Bratislava/SK


The main business areas of the Haugg group of companies are:

  • Production of cooling systems from aluminium and copper/brass for the automotive industry and all other industries in general
  • Production of punched, deep-drawn and threaded parts, among others, for the electrical industry
  • High-quality thin sheet-metal processing, in particular, steel, for housings, mountings, frames, linings and containers
  • Import and export of radiators, air-conditioner parts and heaters for the automotive spare parts market


Each of our sites specialises in a specific production process and specific business areas, giving rise to versatile range of services, on the whole. The strength of the group is derived from the synergy effects of diversified metal processing.


Within the last 50 years, the group of companies has grown from 10 employees in Aachen to now over 350 employees in the country and abroad. In the process, the individual companies remained manageable, ensuring flexibility and proximity to customers. The common experiences and efforts bind the companies in the group together and make them competent partners for their customers in Europe and around the world.


Overview of company history and product range

In 1957, Mr. Albert Haugg senior, took over the company Vallet, the radiator factory and the welding works, in Aachen. Since then, the product range of the Haugg Kühlerfabrik GmbH has expanded to include water, oil and charge air coolers for the entire fleet of vehicles – from passenger cars to trucks, construction vehicles, locomotives, to ship engines. A speciality of our product offer is the production of customised radiator cores within a few hours. These are manufactured on the day of order placement and delivered to the customer by overnight express before 8 am on the following day.


Since 1972, the Schwarzwälder Metallwarenfabrik Haugg GmbH is part of the Group. In addition to the significant vehicle radiator
production at that time, the thin sheet metal processing at the company provides an interesting addition to the product range. The thin sheet metal
processing has been continuously modernised and expanded, whereas the radiator manufacturing of the oldest radiator factory in Germany has been shifted, to a large extent to the main plant in Aachen. In thin sheet metal processing, as a system supplier, Haugg supplies housings, mountings, frames, linings or containers made from steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous sheets, to IT hardware manufacturers, manufacturers of large kitchen appliances, office furniture, and to the mechanical engineering and automotive industry.


The metal goods factory, Metallwarenfabrik Haugg GmbH, belongs to the Haugg Group since 1979. All mass-produced articles also made from thin sheet metal are produced there, mainly for the electrical and electronic industry and for automotive parts suppliers. On eccentric or multiple-die presses with up to 14 stages, stamped, deep-drawn and threaded parts made from brass, copper, aluminium, steel or stainless steel, are produced from coil, for example, threaded rings for lamp sockets. Post-processing such as annealing, grinding, pickling or nickel plating are also carried out.


In 1986, the Haugg Industriekühler GmbH was incorporated. At the site in Sulz, industrial cooling systems are manufactured from aluminium and steel, for example, for compressors, turbines, pneumatic and hydraulic power units. The cooling systems are suitable for pressures up to 50 bar. Holding our own patents for developments, such as own standard line, enable us to provide relatively cost-effective solutions for complex cooling problems. The core processes are brazing in vacuum or in inert gas atmosphere and welding.