Hotline Metal processing: +49 (0)2269 360
Hotline Cooling systems: +49 (0)241 94629-72
Hotline Metal processing: +49 (0)2269 360
Hotline Cooling systems: +49 (0)241 94629-72


The HAUGG Group - Your strong partner for cooling systems Metalworking.


Openness through flexibility – Quality through innovation

As a family-owned business, the Haugg group of companies brings over 90 years of industry expertise in processing thin metals, especially for heat exchangers. The group’s activities are focused on the development, production and sales of heat exchangers for utility vehicles and industry. Punched parts, deep-drawn parts and sheet metal constructions for various industries are another speciality of Haugg.


For HAUGG, progress means responding comprehensively and individually to the wishes and requirements of the customers. This is the leitmotif we follow and use technically superior and modern systems to offer customised solutions to our customers. In doing so, we give our customers individual and detailed responses which also meet the future demands of the market.


Haugg radiators distinguish themselves by their compact dimensions, large capacity range, high internal pressure stability and low weight. Through the plate and bar design, high pressure stability is achieved. The methods used for calculating the thermodynamic properties are based on extensive tests. Moreover, the experience gained from field operations have been brought into the design and construction. The companies of the Haugg Group are specialists in cooling systems for construction and agricultural machinery, compressed air, power stations and rail vehicles.

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Innovation and Quality – the driving forces behind the Haugg Group

The Haugg Group’s success is founded on innovation and quality. With our management system we have set the standard for an enterprise-
wide project and quality management. Already in 1977, Haugg was the first radiator manufacturer to switch its entire production process to the more environment-friendly,

economical and quality-enhancing vacuum brazing. The Kühler Haugg Group is certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2011. Additionally in 2003, we obtained the approval for welding in rail-mounted vehicles according to DIN 6700 C2 and got recertified according to DIN EN 15085 CL1 in 2010.




Quality management

DIN ISO 9001-2015 Englisch (DQS)

DIN ISO 9001-2015 Deutsch (IQNet)


Energy management

DIN ISO 50001-2011 (DQS)



DIN EN 15085-2 (TÜV)



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