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Radiator repair and maintenance


Cooler repair service

Repairing radiators is the most cost-effective and ecological alternative to the new part, especially for large coolers. HAUGG produces and delivers the necessary parts and radiator cores within 24 hours as custom-made products. This service not only benefits air-conditioning and workshops specialising in radiators, but can also be used by OE customers.

Our costumers

Cooler repair & workshops specialised in air-conditioning

Our costumers

Specialised trade for forklift trucks, construction & agricultural machinery parts

Our costumers

Vehicle workshops, repair workshops, museums

Our costumers

Vehicle lovers, classic car and youngtimer specialists & clubs

Product overview

Honeycomb cores

When the radiator was still the essential design element of the vehicle front and the radiator figure was the trademark, the radiator nets were often manufactured in honeycomb sheet metal structures. Haugg offers some of the classic “honeycomb cores” to repair historic vehicles as faithfully as possible. Honeycomb cores have no water-carrying pipes. The moulded brass band forms a tube and air lamella in one.

Classic car radiator repair or maintenance is our speciality. We are also happy to chrome-plate parts.

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Radiator cores copper/brass

Copper/brass was the usual material for heat exchangers until the late 80s of the 20th century due to its thermal conductivity. In particular, water radiators/radiator cores were made of thin copper and brass strips. HAUGG manufactures all common cooling systems to this day for original equipment and for radiator repairs.

For example, before we repair a tractor radiator, it is cleaned and checked to see where the radiator is leaking. Then the cost of repairing the radiator can be determined or whether the radiator needs to be replaced.

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Aluminium radiator cores

Cooling systems with aluminium coolers are lighter and, in particular, more cost-effective than comparable copper heat exchangers. However, repairing aluminium coolers is more complex. Again, the replacement of the radiator core is a cost-effective alternative to changing the cooler. If the heat exchanger is leaking, we check the repair options and radiator repair costs.

At Haugg-Aachen, small leakages on the surface can be tightly soldered as part of the radiator repair.

In the case of oil cooler repairs, it is usually advisable to repair the radiator by replacing the core due to higher operating pressures.

Intercoolers are usually repaired by replacing the core as well.

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Spare parts, frames & caps

In addition to the radiator core, the main elements are the collection boxes, nozzles and frame parts of the radiator. Finally, a cap is required to close the cooling circuit. We rebuild the essential components according to samples or sketches or repair defective parts. Reused old parts are sandblasted and repainted. A wide range of radiator caps rounds off the range. Our motto is “Nothing is impossible”.

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In addition to the essential components of the radiator, HAUGG also offers the necessary auxiliary materials for repairs such as solders, fluxes and tools as well as operating materials such as compressor oils.

We offer a range of test plugs which simplify pressure testing on radiators. On request we can also assist with special workshop equipment.

Special tools are offered specifically for the maintenance of air-conditioning systems.

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HAUGG Group Service

HAUGG produces and delivers the necessary parts and cooler nets within 24 hours as custom-made products made to measure. This service not only benefits the air-conditioning and radiator workshops, but also our OE customers due to short reaction times.

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