Motor cooling and vehicle air-conditioning

Professional radiator construction for vehicle construction and industrial cooling

HAUGG offers one of the widest ranges of vehicle radiators and air conditioning parts in manufacturer quality for all vehicle brands – suitable for German brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Opel and VW as well as for all Italian, French and Asian car manufacturers.

Our Costumers

  • Radiator repair & air conditioning specialist workshops
  • Car parts trade / specialist dealers
  • Workshops for cars & commercial vehicles
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Product Overview

Water cooler

Radiators for all vehicle brands directly available from stock. Radiators which are not available on the market will be repaired or rebuilt. We are able to identify weak points in original radiators in our own repair workshop and reinforce them. This applies in particular to truck radiators, tractor radiators, construction machinery radiators, etc.

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Oil cooler

Oil coolers for gearboxes, engines, machines, generators, wind turbines, rail vehicles, hydraulic systems, etc. are exposed to high pressures and contamination. Different cooling systems allow appropriate compromises between weight and durability. But also between cooling capacity and pressure losses.

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Intercoolers are exposed to high temperature fluctuations and thus suffer stress cracks in the corner areas more frequently than other heat exchangers. Turbocharged engines are a trend in internal combustion engines. Repairing the air cooler is often cost effective compared to buying a cooler. The aluminum radiator repair is our strength. However, a radiator change is also often unavoidable.

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Air conditioner condenser and dryer

The condenser of the air-conditioning system is usually installed in front of the motor radiators at the front of the vehicle and is therefore exposed to contamination or stone chips. In rear-end collisions it is often the first part directly behind the bumper which gets damaged in a crash. Haugg pays attention to the positive corrosion properties of the aluminium materials used to increase the service life. As this is a seasonal item that is in particular demand in spring and summer, availability at the right moment plays a key role, which we can successfully guarantee from experience.

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Air-conditioning compressor

The compressor is a high-performance unit that is exposed to extreme loads in the summer. Over the winter, it is often not used and “a rolling stone gathers no moss”, as the saying goes. Accordingly, problems caused by the compressor often arise and the air conditioning system loses power or the compressor is totally damaged. Proper operation is a prerequisite for a long compressor life, as is installation by absolute air conditioning specialists. Expertise and training play a paramount role.

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Fans / ventilators / blowers

A radiator cools only by the air flowing through it. When stationary and driving slowly, fans must provide the necessary artificial “airflow”. They are therefore at least as essential for the cooling performance as the heat exchanger itself, otherwise there is a risk of overheating. We offer a wide range of fan units (impeller, motor and fan cover) for the engine cooling in the front-end module, but also the vehicle heating and air conditioning.

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Our service

HAUGG Group Service

HAUGG produces and delivers the necessary air conditioning parts, radiators and radiator grids as custom-made products within 24 hours. This service not only benefits specialist workshops and automotive parts dealers, but also the spare parts service for our OE customers.

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