Industrial radiators for commercial vehicles and industrial machines

Professional radiator construction for vehicle construction and industrial cooling

HAUGG manufactures high-quality coolers for a wide range of applications: our customers come from the agricultural, construction and rail transport sectors.

Our Costumers

  • Construction machinery manufacturers & Special vehicle construction
  • Rail vehicle construction & Maintenance plants
  • Harvester & Agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Mechanical engineering, hybrid & e-drives, development centres

Product Overview

Cooling modules

Our strength lies in the design of cooling modules for vehicles, which integrates all heat exchangers while optimally coordinates them with each other. A large selection of cooling systems enables optimised cooling of various heat sources such as motor, transmission, hydraulics and air-conditioning. A rich data pool and wealth of experience have developed from the large number of completed projects. This assists us in advising partners on developments in a target-oriented manner and to realise prototypes quickly.

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Air cooler

Turbocharged engines have long been a trend in combustion engines. Intercoolers are exposed to high temperatures and high temperature fluctuations during operation. When designing the coolers, we keep in mind the thermal expansion coefficients and decreasing mechanical properties of the metals at higher temperatures. The volume flows are considerable and the pressure loss is minimised with sufficient cooling from our cooling systems.

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Oil cooler

Oil coolers for gearboxes, engines, machines, generators, wind turbines, rail vehicles, hydraulic systems, etc. are exposed to high pressures and contamination. Different cooling systems allow appropriate compromises between weight and durability. But also between cooling capacity and pressure losses.

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Water cooler

Water coolers are usually exposed to low pressures, but high flow rates. We optimise high and low temperature coolers for any application. We consider in particular the internal cross-section for the water flow, but also the material selection and whether single or multiple flows are used for flowing through a cooler.

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Fans and fan hoods

Without air no cooling! The right fan is essential for the performance of the cooling module or heat exchanger. The characteristic diagram of the fan is therefore an essential determinant for the dimensioning of the cooling. Haugg cooperates with major fan manufacturers and develops suitable fan hoods in order to achieve targeted air flow. Here, the noise development is to be minimised.

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Air conditioner condenser and dryer

In order to complete our cooling modules, we also integrate the air-conditioning condenser and dryer into our systems in order to round off the package at the customer’s request As a rule, the condenser is placed in front of the other coolers in the system in order for the cooling air to flow directly through it.

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Our service

HAUGG Group Service

HAUGG produces and delivers the necessary air conditioning parts, radiators and radiator grids as custom-made products within 24 hours. This service not only benefits specialist workshops and automotive parts dealers, but also the spare parts service for our OE customers.

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