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GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart: HAUGG as technical partner and sponsor

After one year of intensive work, the GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V. looks back on a successful 2018/19 season. Within two semesters, the 65 students of the Formula Student Team designed, manufactured and tested an electric and a driverless electric racing car. At international events in Hungary, Austria, the homeplay in Germany and Spain, two podium finishes in the overall classification and numerous disciplinary victories were clinched. We congratulate the team as sponsor and technical partner!

To support such a project while studying is only possible with the support of numerous sponsors and donors. In the field of thermal management for the self-developed electric motors, the battery and the inverter, the racing team has been able to count on the HAUGG Kühlerfabrik GmbH for years.

In different cooling circuits it is possible to dissipate the calculated power losses with tailor-made coolers and to achieve optimum packaging and aerodynamic inflow. This also enabled the team to make use of the unique accumulator oil cooling system in the Formula Student.

Impressions from the team

HAUGG as technical partner for cooling systems

The tailor-made coolers from the HAUGG Group give the students of the GreenTeam the opportunity to precisely select the cooling surface, geometry and, above all, the connection points in order to build a reliable cooling system that could also achieve continuous outputs of 80kW at the Formula Student Event under the Spanish sun on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Water cooling

The water cooling is designed for the four self-developed wheel hub motors as stator cooling and for the four self-developed cooling plates in the inverter.

Composition as 3 cooling circuits:

Two front, very small circuits that are very close to the engine; this enabled us to achieve very short hose paths and thus save hose and water weight. The tailor-made HAUGG coolers have helped enormously here, as they are designed very narrowly and appropriately for the power loss of the engines. The air inflow condition is optimized by a CFRP airduct.

A rear, larger circuit in which the rear axle electric motors and the inverter are cooled. Also here we had the chance to adjust the radiator size in such a way that the required cooling performance is achieved, but the radiators fit between the wishbones in the chassis at the same time. Since the airflow is not sufficient and depends on the driving conditions, the radiator is operated by a fan which is mounted on an SLS-printed airduct.

Oil cooling

For the self-developed high-voltage accumulator, the Greenteam is the only Formula Student team worldwide to use an oil cooling system in which the entire accumulator container is flooded with a special thermal oil. In this way the heat loss can be dissipated directly and everywhere at the cell and the circuit boards of the battery management system. The oil, in turn, is pumped in an active circuit through the oil cooler located at the rear, which is also powered by a fan due to its position in the dead water area behind the vehicle.

Impressions Cooling systems

Facts about the GreenTeam & vehicle

The GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

  • Team of approx. 65 students from various courses of study at the University of Stuttgart
  • 2 projects: Electric Vehicle and Driverless Electric Vehicle
  • Europe-wide racing achievements
  • 10 years in the top 10 of the world ranking list
  • 95% self-developed and self-made components

The E-Racing car

  • 175kg
  • Four self-developed wheel hub motors
  • 80kW driving power
  • CFRP monocoque and aerodynamic package