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In October 2021, Wolfgang Haugg, CEO of the HAUGG Group, was invited to visit the Uzbek company Uzmetkombinat. With over 10,000 employees, the group has specialised in the production of rolled products made of copper alloys. The organisational form and company name “Kombinat” was the common form of company in former socialist states and today roughly means large corporation. As an employer, Uzmetkombinat still offers its employees its own educational, sports and social facilities as well as its own hospital.

The company is also distinguished by its high quality standards: For example, pure copper cathodes are used as raw material and are processed and tested in a modern rolling mill of European design according to the latest standards.

After successful initial sampling of brass strips by Haugg in Germany, an invitation followed to visit the factory and simultaneously accept an initial order before it was delivered. Haugg was the first German delegation to visit the company in Uzbekistan.

Positive first impression

“The tour of the production plant convinced me of the quality, delivery capability and trustworthiness,” Wolfgang Haugg comments on the on-site impression. “The first sample strips have already been approved for purchasing by the quality control department at our plant. I accepted the first delivery of five tonnes of brass strip on site.”

JSC “Uzmetkombinat” exports copper/brass strips to Germany for the first time

Press service of JSC “Uzmetkombinat”, [21 Oct. 2021 at 14:01]

For the first time in the history of Uzmetkombinat JSC in Bekobad, a group of specialists led by Haugg Wolfgang, CEO of Haugg Kühlerfabrik GmbH, a German company engaged in the production and sale of water and oil coolers, visited the combine and toured the production facility for non-ferrous metals.The German partners familiarised themselves with the production process of copper products in the production facility and were pleased with the quality produced on the basis of modern technologies.At the end of the visit, an agreement was reached with the partners to deliver 5 tonnes of brass strip as samples. According to the agreement, these products will be shipped to Germany on 25 October. It was also agreed to sign a contract for the delivery of up to 60 tonnes of copper products in 2022.

We are excited about the new contacts and are looking forward to a long-term and successful business relationship with Uzmetkombinat.

Impressions from Uzbekistan