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In April 2022, the city of Aachen was selected by the EU Commission together with 99 other cities for the EU mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”.
HAUGG has been pursuing the goal of climate-neutral production for years and has already been able to reduce CO² emissions from fossil fuels by over 50%.
Further steps are being implemented or are in the pipeline. The City of Aachen’s Department of Economics is currently supporting the expansion of our photovoltaic system. A key future step will be the connection to the district heating network in 2026 in order to obtain green heat. The district heating network is being expanded by the municipal utilities of the city of Aachen (STAWAG), for which initial construction work is already underway in Reichsweg.
We look forward to exchanging ideas with the project partners in order to gather ideas for our own progress.